Dare Devil Snowman

Remember when the Jack A** movies were popular? Still are I think… anyway, inspiration comes in many forms! I created this concept for one of my more recent client holiday cards. It is a thin, watercolor-like gouache painting with just a few ‘swooshes” added with Photoshop.

Media: Gouache on Panel and Adobe Photoshop

Sniffy Frieda

Sniffy Freida

Ah, Freida. She was a good dog, and she had a good sniffer. It always seemed like she was testing you (and your aura) with that open-mouthed sniff. The challenge was pulling off the fore-shortened angle! All the watercolor classes at the KIA were helpful, too.

Media: Watercolor

Destroying Angels

Destroying Angels

The benefit of having a wife who is gaga over mushrooms, is that you have a lot of reference lying about. I also did a very nice Morel scene for our mushroom-hunting buddies! It was nice to get the oil paint out and play.

Media: Oil on Panel


Fall Field

I find it has been a challenge to work in watercolor. Its gestural qualities and suggestions of shape and line are sometimes the antithesis of the work I do for a living. Tight tolerances and style guides are not found here!

Media: Watercolor, Pen and Ink