Tony Catch

Tony the Tiger™

Well… you know he’s the most famous character I know. I’ve been drawing Tony for over 20 years now, and he continues to morph and change with the times. Even as he changes, I expertly adhere to strict style guides to keep Tony looking his best!

Media: Adobe Photoshop

Agency: Schawk!

Client: Kellogg’s


Jet Puf Character

Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Man

I developed the Marshmallow Man but sadly, he was not used. One of my wife’s favorite characters, she made a stand-up sample that flies on our mantle to this day!

Media: Ink on Mylar, Adobe Photoshop

Apple Characters

Fuji, Roma, and Macintosh Apples

These characters were created to promote the delicious varieties of Michigan apples. There were a variety (ha, ha) of characters developed but these three won out in the end.

Media: Adobe Photoshop

Agency: Maxwell+Miller

Client: Michigan Apple Association

Farah Farebox

Farah the Farebox

Farah was created to help introduce the new fare box service on transit buses. She was drawn in step-by-step positions to illustrate how to use the fare boxes. Art was used on brochures, posters, and the client’s website.

Media: Ink on Mylar, Adobe Illustrator

Agancy: LKF Martketing

Client: CATA