Blue Heron

St JulianĀ®: Blue Heron

The original and best label design. This project was a joint effort with my co-worker Tim Delany many years ago. The illustration has lived long, and is still an integral part of the modern label design.

Media: Adobe Illustrator

Agency: Associated Design Services

Client: St. Julian Winery

Dutch Style Lager

The Livery: Dutch Style Lager

Since the brewmaster, Steve Berthel, and I share a passion for cycling, it was a natural to include it in the scene for his Dutch-Style Lager label. Traditional Dutch-style imagery for a traditional beer.

Media: Oil on Panel

Client: The Livery

Paris Roubaix Pale Ale

The Livery: Paris-Roubaix Pale Ale

This label was intended to evoke the golden age of cycling in the 1930’s. It represents the tortures of riding on the ‘pave’ or lumpy cobblestoned avenues of France’s framed Paris-Roubaix bicycle race. The beer, however, was very refreshing.

Media: Oil on Panel

Client: The Livery

Bungtown Export Lager

The Livery: Bungtown Lager

A “bung” is the stopper in a keg of beer. Modern brewpubs sometimes seek to revive old traditions, and The Livery wanted to pay homage to the old-fashioned barrel with a special brew.

Media: Gouache on Panel

Client: The Livery