Shawn, Shawn, the Leprechaun

I really enjoy developing new characters, and for this children’s story I created three! Working closely with the client and under the direction of my wife, Jennifer Hauschild, I story boarded the book, sketched the page layouts, and finished final illustrations. Jennifer designed the book and set typography. She then formatted the final piece for publication on Amazon (both print and e-book versions).

Media: Ink on Panel, Photoshop

Client: Kathryn E. Brown

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Hockey Boy

Being a little boy at heart, I connected with this story about a boy who is a SUPER HERO. I decided to use a looser, less formal graphic novel style for this book to give it a rougher appeal. As always, I started with a storyboard, to make sure the action flowed in a logical way. I designed the page layouts, set the text, and formatted the final piece for publication on Amazon.

Media: Color Pencil on Panel, Photoshop

Client: Jim Bellware

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“The Spin” by Doug Kirk

Check out my good friend’s book on Amazon. It a fun read, and has a cool cover design by my wife Jennifer Hauschild. It is, of course, illustrated by yours truly. We worked with the client and publisher to format it for print and Kindle versions.

Media: Ink on Paper and Adobe Photoshop

Client: Doug Kirk

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