Keebler Kitchen

Keebler® Kitchen

Gouache is one of my favorite mediums. Happily, it lent itself well to creating the textures important to maintaining the established look and feel of Ernie and the Keebler tree.

Media: Gouache on Panel

Agency: Schawk!

Client: Keebler

PT Cars

Pop-Tarts® Race Cars

Following the client’s layout, I created the race track texture, worked in the sky, fencing, and grass. Using studio shots of the cars, I skewed and distorted them to fit the scene. I was also asked to change the hood art for the Pop-Tarts car.

Media: Found Texture and Adobe Photoshop

Agency: Schawk!

Client: Kellogg’s

Ghoul School

Scooby-DooTM Cereal

The “Ghoul School” was one of my favorite back panel projects! Working from a client’s rough pencil, I tightened up the layout, and created the maze in the tree branches. I provided a rough color for approval, then started painting, adding a few ghoulish touches myself.

Media: Gouache on Board

Agency: Schawk!

Client: Kellogg’s